Sunday, August 1, 2010

Turning A Basic Loop

Tools Needed
To create wire loops, you will need:
  1. Chain nose pliers, which can be regular or bent nose pliers
  2. Round nose pliers
  3. Wire cutter

  1.  Make a 90˚ bend in the wire with about 1/2” of wire extending from the bend.  The 1/2" is variable: for larger loops, make the bend farther from the end; for a smaller loop, make the bend closer to the wire's end. The thickness of the wire can also effect this distance.
  2. Grasp the very tip of the wire with the round nose pliers. Gently twist the pliers away from you. Keep the wire in contact with the pliers at the same distance from the pliers tip.  Turn the pliers about a half turn.
  3. After about 1/2 a turn, possibly less, your hands and wrists were probably in an awkward angle. To continue the loop, release the wire and rotate the pliers back to the starting position, with your dominant hand facing away from you and continue the loop.
  4. Continue with step 3 until the loop is formed. When rotating the pliers, be sure the loop has full contact with the pliers (also known as the pliers "filling" the wire). This will ensure the loop forms uniformly.